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Our Program for September 30th, 2021
Basic Education & Literacy Month



Basic Education & Literacy Month 
this program is presented by Rose Lee

The following was written by Rose:

Hi, I’m Rose Lee, and taught in Thailand for 8 years. Education and Teachers are highly valued in Thailand. They must have a Masters's degree in Education and pass a difficult government test (mush like a bar exam for lawyers). The job of teaching is well respected by all, 1st is the King, 2nd are the Monks, 3rd the teachers then everyone else.
In addition to being paid very well, Thai teachers also receive free health insurance for their whole family for life, even parents and grandparents. Teachers can get a government loan to buy a house or car and pay NO interest. Salary and benefits continue after the retirement age of 60. 
There is even a National holiday, “Wai Kru Day,” dedicated to honoring teachers where students bring flowers and gifts of appreciation. English is also taught as a second language.
Having also taught in America, I believe teachers are undervalued and under-compensated. With the depth of knowledge and experience found in our fellow Rotarians around the world, maybe we could create a virtual program something like “ Invite a Rotarian to your classroom”

Please watch the interview video, (if for some reason you cannot see the video, please click here).

Thank you to Rose for helping bring light to differences in how we perceive teachers in two different countries. 
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