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The Four Way Test

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The Four Way Test

President's Message


Ozlem Kocanaogullari
President 2019-2020
Greetings fellow Rotarians and guests!
Welcome to the Rotary E-Club of One World!
Dear Fellow OWR Members,
Today is the Eid Holiday for the Muslim community. So Happy Eid everyone!!
It feels weird and kind of sad when holidays are celebrated incomplete mandatory lockdown. No family or friends can visit.. No place to travel. There is really no point in having desserts and sweets even. It feels lonesome at home. But we must power through these hard times. It will not last forever.
Really the best part probably in being lockdown has been the extra amount of movies, music, concerts, art, theater, ballet that has been airing on TV or on the internet. I have been spending most of my days working in the morning, working out in the middle of the day, and enjoying the music and movies in the evening. It is so good, I would almost wish pandemic could last a little longer. Most of the measures are being lifted gradually, but perhaps this little treat could continue a little longer. After all, arts and music is the one thing that can lift up spirits in the most easy, casual way. I hope you have all found your own way of dealing with these weird times.
On the 6th of June, we will have another one of our fellowship assembly meetings. Be sure to drop by!
Best wishes,

Ozlem Kocanaogullari

President 2019-2020





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The controversial methods of Jane Elliott
this time the experiment is on adults from the UK


To all our fellow members of our club and other Rotarians around the world,
First of all, I want to apologize for the delay of this program, but in a way, I am not, as the perfect opportunity arose to do something out of the box and it suits perfectly with the unrest that has happened in the United States due to the death of Mr. George Floyd. Life was uncertain enough during COVID 19 and now as States all over this country are slowly opening up there is true unrest and at that precise moment, we all watched in horror what unfolded and lead to the death of one of our citizens.
What is even more astonishing that even though most protests were peaceful, that in places where you would never expect violence and looting to happen like in the Midwest to be exact in Davenport, the unthinkable happened. I listened 2 nights ago to sirens that went off all night. Watched friends go back to work with a smile for their night shift at the casino, only to come back 2 hours later as everything shut down. Even in Brazil and Europe, Davenport Iowa made headlines...
The positive aspect of all that is happening is that cities all over the world stood with the United States in solidarity.
Most of us in the US have heard of Jane Elliott, a teacher from Iowa and she had a very controversial method in the '60s of trying to consciously talk about racism this was done with children. After digging a bit I found a video where she now does this with adults in the UK. I hope you take the time and effort to watch this for 45 minutes. It will definitely make us feel uncomfortable as her methods are "different" however, I felt from the heart that this might be something that we as Rotarians can learn from as we participate in international projects all over the world with different ethnicities, cultures, and backgrounds. 
Hopefully, we all have a great take away from this video, and if not it is OK too.
Be open and watch...

Thank you,



Jane Elliot presents: 

(If you cannot see this video below on your device, click here).
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