Ukraine Pediatric Wheelchairs & Medical Supplies

Rotary Area of Focus: Disease Prevention and Treatment 

Title: Ukraine Pediatric Wheelchairs & Medical Supplies

Host Club: Rotary Club of Alba Iulia Romania - District 2241

International Club: E-Club of One world – District 5240

Global Grant Project # GG2126438

Status: This Global Grant was accepted by Rotary Foundation, was paid, and is now in the phase of implementation.

Two factors motivated the project: the lack of an adapted pediatric wheelchair and the lack of trained certified professionals on wheelchair assisting service (currently there are only 2 certified trainers) in Ukraine.

There is a need to replace the strollers (type baby-stroller) currently used by the families, to avoid more damages to the body of handicapped children and youth. An affordable wheelchair for children, the Cub, will be introduced to the Ukraine market with training for the families and health care professionals.


The project was modified at the end of February 2022 with the invasion of Russian army in Ukraine. Due to the war, it became impossible to provide training for the medical professions and more urgent needs appeared like medical supplies for displaced children with disabilities inside the country.

15 verticalizers will be manufactured in Ukraine, in Kharkiv, and will be distributed in the rehabilitation center to 15 children. 100 Cub wheelchairs will be provided to children in need and will be tested by the families. Evaluation, training and distribution of the wheelchairs will be provided by our American partner the Momentum Company (previous name was Wheels for Humanity).

The long-term goal of the project remains the same: to educate the medical professions in order to reduce the causes and effects of a bad stroller used instead of a pediatric performant wheelchair for children with disabilities in Ukraine and introduce the Cub to the Ukrainian families and medical professions.