Rotary Online Makeup Program

Meeting Date: 18 January 2013

Prepared By: Dick Strayer


Women in the Eclub of One World Rotary

Our club has just approved our 25th female member, Dr. Mary Beth Wolford. Mary Beth wants to represent Ecuador. She just built a home in Cuenca Ecuador and will be going there in May. On a later program, you will see her award winning home that has just been published in the Spanish version of Architecture, Casos.

Mary Beth currently lives in Eureka, CA. She served as Superintendent of Schools in Simi Valley, CA and as mayor of Eureka, CA. Mary Beth has been a long-time Rotarian in three different Rotary clubs. She was the Team leader of a Rotary Group Study Exchange to India.

Once while traveling to England as a Rotarian, Mary Beth visited a Rotary club in London. England and Ireland (RIBI) are organizationally separate and somewhat backwards from Rotary International and, as a female, she was very icily received. Mary Beth was an ice breaker for Women in Rotary. Perfect and ironic that Mary Beth is our 25th female to join our club.



In celebration of the Silver Jubilee of Women joining Rotary our member Sunita Agrawal of Gurgaon near New Delhi, India, suggested we celebrate this event. It would seem appropriate for a female, also named Sunita, who is an astronaut, to give us a tour of her temporary living quarters on a global basis with three different countries, all former enemies. Sunita, the astronaut, takes us on a lively and very thorough tour of her home in space.


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