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War Child was founded in North America in 1999 by two young doctors – Samantha Nutt and Eric Hoskins. Both had worked for many years in some of the world’s toughest war zones, and had become convinced that a better, more grassroots approach to humanitarian work was possible. From the outset, Sam and Eric were committed to creating a charity that empowers local people and organizations to be the architects of their own recovery from the devastation of war. They believed passionately that communities and local leaders should be at the helm of rebuilding their countries. In their view, the role of organizations such as War Child is to enable, rather than drive, that process.

War Child grew from a volunteer base of one - Sam – equipped with a cell phone and a one room office, to what it is today: an award-winning international charity with a team of 20 based at the office headquarters in Little Italy, Toronto. The head office team provides support to over 200 staff members employed overseas, 95% of whom are local people.


Below is a 60 second PSA for War Child:

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Brock Warner, Manager of Development at War Child Canada has presented to a number of Rotary clubs in his area, and has recorded his presentation specifically for the Rotary E-Club of One World.
(If you cannot see the video below, you can reach it through the following link:
For more information on War Child and the Founder, Dr. Samantha Nutt, please find the links below.
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