Posted by Michael Henstra on Mar 30, 2018
The world doesn't need more nuclear weapons
by Erika Gregory
Erika Gregory is a recognized catalyst for innovation. Over the last 25 years at companies like Global Business Network, The Idea Factory, Collective Invention and N Square, Erika has led creative approaches to some of most crucial social challenges of our time-from reducing the risk of nuclear weapons proliferation to providing excellent education opportunities for children in poverty.
As a scenario planner, a long-time entrepreneur, and a classically-trained actor, Erika's work draws in equal parts from a deep understanding of the creative process and the dynamics of collaboration, particularly in ill-defined or ambiguous circumstances. She brings to her work intelligence, humor, an enjoyment of people and the ability to grasp and communicate complex concepts.
As a Juilliard drama graduate, serial entrepreneur Erika Gregory might seem like an unlikely candidate to disrupt the nuclear weapons industry. But given an establishment built on Cold War stereotypes and motivated by profits, outside innovation may be just what the world needs to shrink our still-growing atomic-weapons stockpile.
Now in her role as the Managing Director of N Square Collaborative, the brainchild of five of the world's largest peace and security funders, Gregory is exploring cross-disciplinary, collaborative approaches to nuclear weapons threat -- from engaging emerging technology innovators to recasting the way nuclear weapons are portrayed in games and other media.
Today nine nations collectively control more than 15,000 nuclear weapons, each hundreds of times more powerful than those dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. We don't need more nuclear weapons; we need a new generation to face the unfinished challenge of disarmament started decades ago. Nuclear reformer Erika Gregory calls on today's rising leaders -- those born in a time without Cold War fears and duck-and-cover training -- to pursue an ambitious goal: ridding the world of nuclear weapons by 2045.
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