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The Four Way Test

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The Four Way Test

President's Message

Ken Meyer

President 2020-2021
Greetings fellow Rotarians and guests!
Welcome to the Rotary E-Club of One World!


Dear Rotary E-Club of One World:
A big thank you goes out this month to our Club Service Project Committee.  Also, thanks to club members who submitted service projects for the committee's consideration. And especially, thanks to those who will be carrying out the service projects awarded funding.  The following projects were funded by the club and will make a big Rotary difference:
The Rotary E-Club of One World is providing $450.00 to local partner Salem for Refugees in Oregon, USA.  This project was submitted by our club member Pat Fisher and will provide teaching materials for tutors and students to supplement online learning.
The Rotary E-Club of One World is providing $1000.00 to local partner Have Hammers School for Carpentry Skills in Jalisco, Mexico.  This project was submitted by our club member Mac White and will provide tuition scholarships for four students of woodworking and carpentry.
And the Rotary E-Club of One World is providing $500.00 to local partner Save R Kids Orphanage in West Coast Demerara, Guyana.  This project was submitted by club member Fabion Jerrick and will provide 5 Amazon tablets, one printer, and stationery to serve 34 students, ages 5-17.
As the year goes on, our Club Service Project Committee will continue to organize us in Service Above Self.  On Workplace, you will see that our International Service Director, Bill Boyd, has posted a member announcement soliciting international service projects for the club’s consideration.
I encourage each club member to consider the service projects that he or she would like to see our club support and to assist in bringing those ideas to the board.  We will be surprised at what can be accomplished as we continue to work together!
Ken Meyer, Club President 2020-2021
Rotary E-Club of One World




Ukraine Pediatric Wheelchairs
brought to you by our new member Claudine Schooley

Claudine Schooley was born in France (Carcassonne). She used to live in Thousand Oaks, California, where she became a Rotarian (almost 6 years ago) and joined the Conejo Valley Rotary Club. She moved to Akron Ohio, 3 years ago, and became a member of the Rotary Club of Akron. She is back now with Rotary District 5240 and has joined our E-Club One World, since September 1st2020.

She is passionate about getting wheelchairs to children in Ukraine and works tirelessly for the last 2 years on this subject. Now she is ready to start writing a grant and with this program, she hopes to garner our support within our Club and District.

A YouTube video of the pediatric wheelchair Cub:

I hope you enjoy this program and Claudine as much as I do,


If you cannot see this video CLICK HERE


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