Posted by Michael Henstra on May 10, 2019
The New Workplace Experience
We have been using the Workplace "intranet on the Internet" platform for our E-Club since January 2018 and have found it a great way to connect, communicate and share with our fellow E-Club of One World Rotarians.  Although not all members in our E-Club are engaged, Workplace is becoming popular with more Rotary E-Clubs around the world as a way to get connected and do good in the world through Rotary.
We first learned about Workplace from the Rotary E-Club of Innovation (formerly East Anglia) in the UK.  Our friend and fellow E-Rotarian and member of the E-Club of Innovation , Martin Brocklebank, recently presented a New Workplace tutorial on Zoom for members of the soon-to-be chartered Rotary E-Club of Social Impact based in Australia.
I was unable to attend the Zoom meeting Martin’s demonstration on “The New Workplace Experience” coming to Workplace in July, but Martin sent me the link to his recording to share some of the features he demonstrated.  Martin shows many of the powerful tools available in Workplace and how his E-Club uses them.  He also shares the philosophy of his E-Club and discusses some of the challenges that face all Rotary E-Clubs.  Martin and I are going to set up a Workplace Group to connect our clubs.
Martin not only demonstrates the new look and features coming to Workplace, but how Rotary E-Clubs are making a difference in the Rotary world.
Rotary E-Clubs are really putting the “International” in Rotary International!

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