Posted by G van Rij on Sep 06, 2019

Classification Talk - Dr. Nabil Bedewi
As a new member of the Rotary E-Club of One World, I wondered how I could get to know everyone in the club.  In order to do that, we are kicking off “Classification Talks” to learn more about our members around the world.  This first  Classification Talk features our Webmaster, Dr. Nabil Bedewi, from Potomac, Maryland.  Nabil’s extremely interesting talk is a bit longer than average, but after all, he is a retired college professor.  smiley
A “classification” describes the principal activity of the company or business with which a Rotarian is connected.  Nabil is a retired college professor, so his classification is "Education."  One of Rotary’s four avenues of service is “vocational service”, whereby we honor and respect our individual contributions to our community through our vocations.
The classification talk was traditionally used to acquaint Rotarians with a member’s profession. Most of us don’t know what its like to be a dentist, or an airline pilot, or a midwife, or a pharmacist.  The Object of Rotary also focuses on the personal aspects of life, which is why tying Rotary to both our professional and personal story is appropriate.
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