Posted by Dawn O'Bar on Nov 23, 2018
I met Lisa Imel at an educational conference in Los Angeles, California in 2016.  She was an educational consultant for the mission driven, academic publishing company, Academic Innovations.  We hit it off right away and talked about her home in Cleveland, Ohio (I also have family in Ohio).   I learned that she was previously a school principal.
I was immediately drawn to her ideas about how the Get Focused, Stay Focused curriculum could be used worldwide and soon shared with her my Rotary E-Club of One World involvement.  Lisa likes to get people to think out of the box and the following presentation called, Change the World Through Education, is no exception.  She says,  “If we can help students  become intrinsically motivated with a well crafted 10 year plan for their lives, they will be economically self sufficient adults.  In addition, we can help them see that they also need to give back and be of service to others.”   She puts her ideas into action and the Rotary Project she describes in Cleveland can be replicated anywhere.  In fact, Lisa is working with schools in Florida and Michigan.  There are also benefits to the Rotary clubs.  It is not just a one way street of Rotary giving.  This will be seen through her program.  As a result of our conversations over the past few years, Lisa joined the Rotary Club of Cleveland.  They are lucky to have her involvement.   She’s an outstanding leader and puts her heart into everything she does.
         Lisa Imel
Lisa Imel is an Educational Consultant at Academic Innovations, the curriculum partner of Get Focused…Stay Focused!®. Lisa is a licensed teacher, principal, and superintendent and consults with secondary, post-secondary and community-based partners seeking to improve institutional metrics, not limited to, recruitment, retention, graduation, and overall student success efforts. She has experience in public and private education at both the elementary and secondary level and is passionate about serving the needs of all adolescent and adult learners including disconnected youth, first generation college, veterans and those transitioning out of incarceration.
Lisa has been awarded the distinguished Fulbright Award and participated in the Argentina Fulbright Principal Exchange, sponsored by American Councils for International Education and the United States Department of State. Lisa has served as Trustee at St. Joseph Montessori School, Co-authored an article published in “Principal Leadership” on the topic of Interactive Video Distance Learning, been recognized for her leadership in bullying prevention and has presented at various conferences over the years on topics related to student success, educational technology, and authentic and project based learning. Lisa strives to provide her partners with the highest level of guidance. Lisa’s creative solutions outlook, background in public and private education and collaborative consultative strategies are some benefits of working with Lisa.
If you are inspired to help the population you serve realize their potential for a self-sufficient and successful life or are a corporation seeking to create a dynamic workforce pipeline then let’s partner to meet your goals today! I currently serve partners in Florida, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio and can connect you to my colleagues representing other regions of the country.
Join Rotary Club of Cleveland (Ohio) Member, Lisa Imel for “Change the World Through Education”. Lisa is the President and Chief Educational Consultant of The EDSolutions Group and will share how her background influenced her career in education and the development of a unique Cleveland Rotary Project and Scholarship Program benefiting Cleveland Metropolitan Schools. Enjoy this presentation to be inspired to “Change the World Through Education” with change-maker and architect of educational experiences, Lisa Imel.

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