Meeting Date: 6 July 2012

Prepared by Ulf Sandstrom


Peaceful Heart Network
“To prevent violence and ease suffering”

First Aid for Emotional Distress (1:06)

There is no doubt that a method that helps alleviate the symptoms of post traumatic stress is needed worldwide. Only in the US there are around 200 000 soldiers diagnosed with these symptoms and one of them commits suicide each day. In zones of post-conflict like Rwanda or Kambodja the number is unknown.

However, post traumatic stress responses are not limited to soldiers and war. All over this world trauma is a common experience in situations of everyday violence, rape, child abuse, accidents and natural disasters.

The tricky part of a traumatic experience is that it can continue to affect us long after the traumatic event has passed. These effects can show up in many ways: nightmares, flashbacks, anxiety, loss of hope, aggression, drug abuse, depression, fear, learning problems, numbness and guilt or shame are just some. And these symptoms can show up many years after the experience.

As you may understand, the main challenge for somebody experiencing symptoms like these is that it is hard to participate comfortably in relations, education, work or daily life in general.

1. What Peaceful Heart Network does
We teach and spread a relatively new first aid method called Trauma Tapping Technique that comes from a field of treatments called Energy Psychology along with other related methods from this field.

We have first hand experience of how efficient these methods are for disarming symptoms of traumatic stress from many years of work in Rwanda, DR Congo, Sierra Leone, Tchad, Canada, Sweden and other places listed on our website.

2. Ok, but how does TTT work?
A simplified explanation is that Trauma Tapping Technique disarms the stress reaction in the body and mind. The stress reaction is triggered by the alarm watchdog of the brain - the amygdala, and a prevailing theory is that the tapping of body meridians sends an “all-clear” counter signal to the amygdala, which then disconnected the alarm reaction from the memory that triggered it. When the amygdala calms down - the body and mind relax.

3. How does PHN work?

  • We teach, treat and train TTT and related methods
  • We produce materials in local languages, songs, artwork, poetry and videos
  • We run local Peace Tapping centers that employ, aid and empower communities

4. Where we want to spread this
We focus on areas of suffering and violence where resources to handle the effects of traumatic experiences for different reasons are limited.

5. What is our challenge?
The symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Responses have traditionally been either neglected or considered very hard to deal with. Our main challenge is to bring the possibility and knowledge of healing with a first aid method like this to every person and organisation who can benefit from it, and we can use your help.

  • Even if hundreds of thousands  of people have discovered it and are using it and no drugs are involved, it is still considered “alternative medicine” by a lot of professionals, just like acupuncture was at one point.
  • Arthur Schopenhauer wrote in early 19th century: "All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."
  • Studies and research made in places like Kosovo and Argentina support the effectiveness of TTT and related techniques compared to conventional therapy including CBT and medication. See links from our website.

6. So, why do we do this?
Suffering and violence in a society affects everyone. The only way to create a more stable world is to help the affected individuals in every society find peace of mind. People with peace of mind and heart rarely commit atrocities to other humans, they build more peaceful societies, and live a healthier life.

7. Your part 
We are sure that once you discover the benefits of using, spreading and supporting this kind of first aid for emotional distress you will be surprised how many lives you can affect positively.

  • Help us start more tapping centers in poor and violent areas, they are all run by local survivors at an approximate cost of 300 USD per center and month and they sometimes treat up to 100 people in a month. This is around 3 USD per treatment. The results are documented and you can check them on our website. 
  • Help people you know in organizations of all kinds understand the benefit of integrating our experience of disarming traumatic stress responses and working with TTT into their toolbox for their staff and beneficiaries. Nurses, teachers, militaries, volunteers, village workers, Peace Corps and survivors of all kinds. 
  • Share a link to our website where there are instructions on how to disarm traumatic stress responses with TTT and related methods. 
  • Arrange a training session for your community or organization and invite us to train you - a workshop can be completed in little more than 4 hours, or some days depending on the situation and target group.

Last but not least: Experience it. Be amazed. Help others understand that Healing IS possible!











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