Rotary Online Makeup Program

Meeting Date: October 26, 2012

Prepared By: George Firican


Help Africa Help Itself

In this provocative talk, journalist Andrew Mwenda asks us to reframe the "African question" - to look beyond the media's stories of poverty, civil war and helplessness and see the opportunities for creating wealth and happiness throughout the continent.

Andrew Mwenda: Let's take a new look at African aid. 19:04 minutes

About Andrew Mwenda

Andrew Mwenda is a print, radio and television journalist, and an active critic of many forms of Western aid to Africa. He worked at the Daily Monitor newspaper in Kampala and has been hosted a radio show since 2001. He has produced documentaries and commentary for the BBC on the dangers of aid and debt relief to Africa, and consulted for the World Bank and Transparency international, and was a Knight Fellow at Stanford in 2007. In December 2007, he launched a new newspaper in Kampala, The Independent, a leading source of uncensored news in the country.

"Too much of the aid from rich nations goes to the worst African countries to fuel war and government abuse. Such money not only never gets to its intended recipients, Africa's truly needy - it actively plays a part in making their lives worse."

by Andrew Mwenda



If you are interested in similar topics, I recommend listening to Jacqueline Novagratz talk as she applauds the world's heightened interest in Africa and poverty, but argues persuasively for a new approach.


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