Meeting Date: 29 June 2012

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Prepared By: Sherrie Wight.


Funny Fellows

In its very essence, Rotary is built upon diversity. Each cell of the living organism that is Rotary International is comprised of a cross section of the micro community that spawned it. But despite the diversity, the members of each of these tiny cross sections of society share common interests – enter the Rotary Fellowships. I know a lot of Rotarians. They are really fun people and I am all about having fun. So out of casual interest I thought I’d take a gander and see if any of those fellowships of fun people struck my fancy. They did - and a few tickled my fancy as well.

As I started reading the list of fellowships, I stopped first at Antique Automobiles. Hmmm. My first reaction was YUCK! A bunch of old guys sitting around talking about their Tin Lizzies! But then again....well the cool muscle cars from when I was a kid are now considered antiques aren’t they? I am not so sure that is something I should admit. But this is Rotary and it is the “Truth”. That means all the old guys sitting around talking about their cars are actually the bad boy cool guys who grew up to become Rotarians. And they still have their cool cars so they aren’t sitting around – they are driving them! Hey we have a cool antique car too so maybe this is a good fit. Yes I thought this might be a fun bunch.

Proceeding down the list, things seemed tame but promising: Bird WatchingCanoeing,Cricket, all okay. Cycling! I don’t get the “bike ‘til it hurts” thing at all but I have lots of Rotarian friends who do.

I know one thing – he who bikes hard, parties harder: more fun people for me to play with. Moving on – OH a glitch in the list: Doctors! That did not sound so good. I have never had fun at the doctor’s office. Surely they didn’t mean those guys with the hypodermic needles. It was probably just a typo. Doll Lovers? Well...I supposed they may be fun. But dolls? Did they mean like Barbie and G.I. Joe? Did action figures count as dolls? This one took too much thought for me, but to each his own. It was probably just a misunderstanding on my part. Next up....yea, a save: Environment! Who doesn’t love the environment; they are certainly very cool folks. Not that I walk around wearing clothes made from hemp fibers, but I did actually hug a tree once. And their logo on the website is pretty neat. I could totally like this group. I wonder how they would feel about our antique muscle car belching fumes into the air. Whoa – Esperanto! That’s like an international language, isn’t it? What do they do for fun? I managed to dodge Latin in high school and scraped painfully through a few years of French. I’m from the South. You know...the people who believe “y’all” and “yonder” pretty much cover the noun category and “reckon” is about the only useful verb in the English language. I was sure these language folks are probably nice people but was still a bit skeptical. I can barely use English intelligibly so trying to have fun in another language sounded sort of intimidating. This list had been deteriorating ever since those pesky Doctors got involved. Maybe it was just the D and E section.

On to F – Fishing. Well I have had my share of fishing fun so this was probably okay. But I have a little trouble with the idea of a room full of fishermen meeting the first rule of the four-way test. That’s a bit of an oxymoron: fishermen who tell the truth. Then I thought about a Rotarian I saw at a local meeting who was getting a happiness fine for his fishing trip. He didn’t say a word about the fish from his fishing trip. Instead he deflected our attention by publicly admitting a horse had its way with his truck while he was waiting for a bite, after which none of us cared if he had caught a fish. If he were going to lie, it would have been much less humiliating to say a big fish got away. Football – yea!! Wait they meant soccer, never mind. Not that there is anything wrong with soccer but if I am going to watch football, the ball isn’t likely to be round. I was getting discouraged by this perceived slump in the list, which no doubt was merely a reflection of the shallowness of my own interests though I didn’t want to admit that. Still, some of the groups had potential so I pressed on.

Oh thank goodness – Gourmets and Law Enforcement. Lord knows I love food and cops. But the reprieve was short – License plate collectorsPre-Columbian civilizationTotal Quality Management!?! Maybe fellowships weren’t for me. I was starting to reel a bit. Then, just as everything began to go black, I reached the bottom of the list – salvation! The Wine Appreciation Fellowship - just when I needed it most.

Seriously, I mean absolutely no disrespect to any of these groups. I have a slightly quirky sense of humor but I know, in the scope of Rotary, they are fine and wonderful people joining together with common interests in the spirit of fun, education, and understanding. Fellowships are groups of Rotarians, their spouses, and Rotaractors sharing their passion for a common interest in a worthwhile activity: jazzstampsyachtingrare bookstennisskiing,magicianscurlingchess, and much more. What all this really means is that there truly is something for everyone in Rotary. Be it fun or funny – fellowship is what it’s all about.

See if there is something for you! 

Download the complete list of Rotary Fellowships

About Rotary Fellowships

Rotary was founded for the primary purpose of fellowship. It wasn’t until 1923 with the adoption of resolution 23-34 that Rotary began its evolution toward becoming a service oriented organization. Still the root of fellowship runs deep and is a main component of our existence. The art of fellowship is an especially troublesome challenge for those of us in e-clubs for the obvious reason that we are scattered all over the world. We have to work harder, think outside the box, and take every advantage we are offered to keep the fellowship of Rotary alive. One such avenue we can utilize is the Rotary Fellowships! The following links will take you to an actual Rotary program presented at the Rotary Club of Sherman Oaks Sunset. Listen and learn while Mel Powell gives an overview of the current fellowships and see one fellowship spring to life during the meeting. The presentation is in three parts totaling 25 minutes.

Rotary International Fellowships, Part 1 (12:29)

Rotary International Fellowships, Part 2 (9:24)

Rotary International Fellowships, Part 3 (3:16)

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