We believe in the advancement of international understanding, goodwill, and peace, united in the ideal of service.
As a member of an E-Club, you can participate fully online - and enjoy the camaraderie and fellowship with other members of the E-Club through our get-togethers online.
We are like a regular club except that we meet online so that you can be in any location in the world. Great for Rotarian globetrotters and those of you who live too far from an actual club.
Everyone is welcome! 

Our members of our E-Club come from all over our One World - so you will have an international network of friends and true fellow Rotarians! 
We use three applications online to communicate with each other:
  • The first one is Teams and is a very easy and intuitive software to use where we have the ability to communicate with each member in chat and in groups. To showcase what we are doing in our own countries so that we can see what our eClub is doing and where we would love your assistance and input.
  • Our second application is the ClubRunner, where you can edit your profile and where you can find documents pertaining to our E-Club and our member's list.
  • Our third application is Zoom, we meet on this platform for our meetings. It is very easy to use, we send you a link with a passcode to enter the meeting. You will need a device that has a camera to be able to get the best possible experience!
   Do not let the technology deter you from joining our E-Club,
we have many members that will help you navigate and feel comfortable!
The 5 Avenues of Service 
Rotary’s ideal of service is based on the Five Avenues of Service; Club, Vocational, Community, International, and Next Generations. Our E-Club tries to support each avenue of Rotary as follows:
* Club Service

Is responsible for public relations and promoting our Rotary E-Club to the community at large. And we try to facilitate all communication methods or applications within our club to make it flawless to use for our members.


* Vocational Service

Develops different methods for Rotarians to learn about the vocations of fellow club members. While promoting the importance of the Rotary ideals of service in our professional life.

*Community Service

Develops projects so that our club as a group can participate in what will benefit and assist local community organizations and agencies. In our case, this can be anywhere in the world where our members are located.

* International Service

We support international service projects. These projects must have a long-term plan for improving a specific challenge. We usually have a club member already interested who works in partnership with an overseas organization or Rotarians to champion their cause.

* Next Generations Service

Rotary recognizes the positive change implemented by youth and young adults through leadership development activities, involvement in community and international service projects, and exchange programs that enrich and foster world peace and cultural understanding.

Join Our Projects
September 2021 Message
from our President Ken Meyer
Welcome to the month of September.  Where I live we are starting to have cooler temperatures and needed rain.  It is good to have the change of seasons.
The Rotary International theme for this month is “Basic Education and Literacy.”  We are thankful for the teachers in our club and for all of the teachers in our individual communities.  Most of us, I am confident, can reflect on one or more teachers that have made a lasting difference for good on us personally or for someone we love.
In Rotary International’s publication on “Rotary’s Areas of Focus” it states under “Basic Education and Literacy” that “1.7 million additional teachers are needed worldwide to meet the goal of universal primary education.”  Two tips are offered as to how we can be a part of the solution to this need:  “(1) Develop long-term relationships with teachers to ensure that they have access to the latest training and materials; and (2) Consult with education officials to design teacher training programs and curriculums.”  Maybe these tips will stir in some of you an idea for a club service project.  
I look forward to hearing your ideas as our club does its part to promote and achieve basic education and literacy in our own backyards and in places around the world.
Ken Meyer, Club President 2021-2022
Rotary E-Club of One World
Our Programs 
At our E-Club we have every first Saturday of the month a Fellowship meeting; where we try to meet with another Rotary club in another part of the world in hopes of creating lasting friendships and collaboration. 
We also have 2 programs per month that can be viewed at your leisure; the 1st one is every 2nd Saturday of the month and the 2nd one is the last Saturday of the month. These programs might be in an interview-style with one of our members so that you may learn what projects they are passionate about or it could be an article with a topic that is timely or truly fits in with Rotary.
We hope you enjoy it! Come back often as the programs are refreshed all the time.
Fellowship Meeting - Saturday, September 4th, 2021
Richard Grossman has served as The Rotary Foundation Chair for his club for the past 5 years and has also served as a District 5240 Educator on the subject of the Rotary Foundation. While The Rotary Foundation is vast and complicated, Richard provides a simplified explanation designed for the average Rotarian.
Becoming a Member
We would love for you to join our club, the best way to get to know us is to email us to request a link to one of our Fellowship meetings so that we may get to know each other. If you then like what you see, then we ask you to fill out a form and the board of directors will then take a vote.
The membership form will be uploaded here shortly, please be patient as we are under construction.  
Contact Us or download this pdf form to start your application.
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